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Effectively Manage your Business Communications with a VoIP Phone Service

Most businesses rely on email and phones to communicate, But unfortunate reality is many of these are outdated methods of communication.

Excellent business communication within a company is one of the most critical elements to succeed in this ever changing world. While most businesses rely on email and phones to communicate, the unfortunate reality is many are using outdated methods of interacting that cost them both time and money. For the purposes of this post, we’ll focus on the phone aspect of things and the ways that opting to use a VoIP phone system for business can improve the business communication process.

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP, is a tool that connects calls through an internet connection. Rather than using traditional phone lines, a company can use VoIP phone service to make calls to clients anywhere with a WiFi connection. It makes the task of contacting clients, partners, and even employees possible for both remote workers and “in house” connections since an internet connection is accessible to almost everyone, everywhere.

How Does VoIP Improve Business Communication? 

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Provides Flexibility and Mobility

The business communication process of VoIP provides a straightforward structure that is accessible to anyone with the application and internet connection. Implementing VoIP phone service will surely boost your sales as it is also available on various devices such as your desktop computer, smartphones, and tablets. Therefore, even if your employees are working at home or working overseas, you can still easily keep in touch with them. With VoIP, your business can run smoothly and continuously as long as you can get online. Distance no longer matters.

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Easy to Maintain

As a business owner or manager, you don’t have time to worry about phone problems. While VoIP doesn’t guarantee you will never have difficulties with phone service, fixing the system won’t take days or weeks like a traditional phone system might. That is the beauty of a VOIP phone solution - they are usually resolved relatively quickly because service providers such as Ring4 are regularly monitoring and maintaining their software. 

They’ll likely detect an issue and take necessary action to fix the issues before you ever know something is amiss. In the event you need more troubleshooting to get your business communication back online, it still won’t take as long as traditional phone line maintenance because there are no wires or complicated hardware to service.

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VoIP Solves Voicemail Struggles

A common struggle of business communication is missing a phone call. If you’re using a traditional call center that takes messages, you might not be able to ensure that the message gets to the right person that needs to handle it. Therein lies the beauty of using a VoIP system like Ring4 - you can set up phone numbers for every person on your team and voicemails will be delivered to the right person every time. 

And, if you are taking advantage of the transcripts feature, you can read the messages of the caller and handle their issue even if you can’t call them back. Or you can create a task on your calendar with the details of the call to address at a later time. 

Imagine being able to save a transcript of calls and save them for when you have time to get to them. You can also save these call transcripts for training purposes or for documentation for clients to keep track of everything between company and client. A CRM software can help improve your business communication skills by making it easier to manage incoming calls and messages, set appointments with customers on the fly without having spreadsheets of information.

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Collaboration Made Easy

Business communication is essential for collaboration between colleagues, partners, and employees with clients. Using a VoIP phone system makes collaborating simpler and easier thanks to features like:

  • Video conferencing
  • Shared call recordings
  • Shared call transcripts
  • Unlimited text messaging, calls and more

Ring4 VoIP is the Future of Business Communication


Can you keep working with traditional phone systems and still communicate with clients, colleagues, shareholders, etc… Sure. However, many of the elements of business communication mentioned here would require a transcriptionist, video conferencing software, and additional programs. 

Save the time, money, and hassle and try VoIP instead. We’re pretty sure you will see the benefits far outweigh and disadvantages you can think of. Don’t take our word for it though.

Try us out for a couple of months, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime. Learn more about our features and pricing here and get started in 30 seconds, today!


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