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Top 5 Internet Business Phone Providers

Here are the top five internet business phone providers based on pricing, features, and limitations. Also know what to look for when shopping for one.

Choosing the right internet phone system is crucial for business communication and growth. With more companies going virtual, tools for easy scalability, integration and collaboration are essential. In this guide, we compare the top five internet business phone providers based on pricing, features and limitations. If you’re in the market for a new VoIP option, this post may help you determine which service best fits your needs.

Internet Business Phones - the Top 5 Picks

The top five internet business phone providers are:

  1. Ring4
  2. Nextiva
  3. RingCentral
  4. 8X8
  5. OpenPhone

Now that you know who they are, let’s break them down so you can see everything these five providers have to offer.

1. Ring4


Pricing: Ring4 offers unlimited talk and text starting at just $15/month per user. International calling rates start at less than a penny per minute depending on where in the world you’re calling.

Top Features:

- Unlimited calling and texting within the US and Canada

- Voicemail transcription - voicemails are converted to text for quick reading in the app

- Video conferencing

- Works with the cell phone already in your pocket (the app is available for all iOS and Android devices)


- Limited availability for phone numbers (US, Canada, UK, France are the only phone numbers currently available)

- Less name recognition compared to legacy providers

Overall opinion:

With its flat-rate unlimited plans and robust features, Ring4 hits the sweet spot for small business needs. The competitive pricing and app-based access keep costs low while providing enterprise-grade tools. Though not a household name yet, Ring4 delivers leading capabilities out of all providers reviewed.

This phone app provides the most bang for your buck, and doesn’t require a long term commitment to enjoy all of the amazing features. With the business plan you can add as many phone numbers as you need to, whenever you need to. This makes it easier to grow and scale quickly!

2. Nextiva


Pricing: Nextiva Office starts at approximately $25/month per user depending on their current promotions at the time of shopping. Additional charges apply for devices and advanced features.

Top Features:

- Unlimited US and Canada calling

- Integrated business analytics

- CRM integrations


- Requires signed contract with early termination fees

- Multiple add-on charges can increase costs

Overall opinion:

Nextiva is best suited for small to medium businesses needing a full-featured, cloud-based phone system. Strong analytics and CRM integrations provide data to enhance customer interactions. However, multi-year contracts and nickel-and-diming on features can deter smaller teams.

3. RingCentral


Pricing: RingCentral Office starts at $30/month per user. Ultra plans are required for full functionality.

Top Features:

- Mobile app and desktop app for calling

- Multi-level auto attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

- RingCentral Video for team meetings


- Expensive monthly rates, especially for the more premium features

- Steep learning curve for admin portal

Overall opinion:

RingCentral dominates the VoIP space through aggressive marketing and partnerships. For larger companies, the sophisticated (and complex) platform provides enterprise-grade capabilities. However, costs can quickly balloon, while smaller businesses may find the system overwhelming. The steep learning curve can also make it less than ideal for companies that want to start using their phones or onboard new team members quickly.

4. 8x8


Pricing: Public pricing is not available on the 8X8 website. However, they do state that they offer annual pricing options to save up to 23% off their regular monthly fees.

Top Features:

- Call queues

- Team messaging that includes document sharing

- Ability to livestream meetings on Youtube privately or publicly


- Some G2 users have complained about technical issues and lack of support

- Steep learning curve for setup and management

Overall opinion:

8x8 integrates voice, video, chat and contact center in a unified solution. The global availability might make it seem like an ideal fit for multinational businesses. However, the extensive feature set exceeds the needs of many small business owners. If you have to pick and choose too many options just to make your phone work, it feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

5. OpenPhone


Pricing: OpenPhone starts at $13/month per user. Add-ons like toll-free numbers and storage extra.

Top Features:  

- Group calling

- Phone menus

- Integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot


- Added fees for messaging, carrier review, and setup

- Maximum 10 users for the Standard plan

Overall opinion:

At first blush it seems like OpenPhone offers an affordable mobile-first VoIP solution optimized for solopreneurs and very small teams. The CRM capabilities provide helpful business context. However, the integration with HubSpot will require the Premium plan and if you need all the bells and whistles you might be left feeling as though you’re being nickel and dimed in your billing. Furthermore, larger businesses may desire more sophisticated call management and integration abilities.

What to Look for When Shopping

There are several questions you should ask yourself when comparing top internet business phone providers:

What features are most important for my business?

Prioritize must-have capabilities like unlimited calling, voicemail, auto attendants, call routing, conferencing, CRM integrations, mobility, etc. Align features to your communication needs.

How is pricing structured?

Look for transparent per-user monthly pricing with minimal hidden fees. Unlimited plans provide cost predictability. Avoid long contracts with early termination fees.

What integrations are available?

See what business apps and productivity suites the system connects with. CRM, help desk, email, calendar integration improves workflows.

How easy is it to use and manage?

Evaluate the admin interface and end-user experience. Simple, intuitive platforms minimize training time.

How reliable is the call quality?

Verify the service provides consistent high-quality audio without garbled connections or drops.

What support resources are offered?

Assess availability (and hours) of phone/email/chat support. Knowledge bases and training materials also add value.

Can the system scale with my business?

Ensure the provider can easily accommodate your future growth plans and expansion needs.

What is the geographic availability?

For international businesses, verify the system can deliver numbers and calling in all your locations.

Are mobile apps offered?

Look for iOS and Android apps that enable calling, meetings, messaging and more on the go.

The Pros of a Mobile Business Phone Numbers

When debating between internet business phone providers, it’s also important to look for one that offers a mobile phone app for your business phone number. Here are some key reasons why using a mobile phone app for your business phone number is a good idea:

  • Increased flexibility: With an app-based number, you can make and receive calls on any device, even when switching between smartphones, tablets, or working across multiple devices.
  • Enhanced mobility: An app-based number isn't tied to a physical desk phone, allowing you to conduct business and stay connected while on the go, traveling, or working remotely.
  • Improved collaboration: Mobile apps make it easy to integrate your business phone with other collaboration tools like chat, video conferencing, screen sharing, etc.
  • Lower costs: App-based phone services have lower monthly fees compared to traditional landline systems and allow you to use your existing mobile device.
  • Quick setup: Configuring call routing, IVR menus, and features is fast and easy through the app UI rather than requiring complicated on-premise equipment.
  • Greater scalability: It's simple to add new lines, features, and users to an app-based phone system as your team grows.
  • Enhanced features: Mobile business phone apps provide robust features from call recording to CRM integrations not possible with legacy phone services.
  • Streamlined workflows: Native mobile apps simplify communications by consolidating calling, meetings, chat, contacts, and voicemail in one interface.

Why Ring4 is the Best When Looking for Internet business phones

Ring4 stands out as the best choice among top internet business phone providers for several reasons. First, it’s affordable with unlimited calling and texting starting at only $15/month per user. There are no hidden fees and no multi-year contracts required. This transparent flat-rate pricing beats competitors who nickel-and-dime for add-ons.

Despite the low cost, Ring4 doesn't skimp on features. From video conferencing to voicemail transcription and more, Ring4 delivers the in demand tools businesses need to drive productivity.

It’s also easy to use! With its intuitive mobile and desktop apps, Ring4 minimizes training time. The platform is designed for usability, not just IT admins. Any team member can quickly master Ring4's functions.

It’s also built with flexibility in mind for teams of any size. Easily add new phone lines, features and users without overhauling infrastructure. The system seamlessly adapts as your business grows.

Finally, you’ll enjoy high quality calls and premium support 24/7 in the off chance anything goes wrong. Ring4 utilizes modern VoIP technology for reliable high-definition calls. Lag and garbled connections are eliminated, avoiding frustration.

Bottom line: Ring4 stands out for its unrivaled combination of affordability, ease of use, robust feature set, flexibility, call quality, integrations, and customer support. For most small to mid-sized businesses, Ring4 is the clear choice. Don’t take our word for it though. Start your free 7-day trial and see for yourself why business owners all over the world are making the switch to Ring4.

Internet Business Phones: All You Need to Know

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