Auto-attendant: Setup a professional greeting message and route calls accordingly

Every business needs a professional image and what better way to do it than to have a professional greeting when customers call your business line.

With your Ring4 subscription, you can set up professional greetings and transfer calls to another Ring4 number, an outside number or send the call to voicemail with our Auto-Attendant feature. 


Here’s how it works:


When callers dial your number and your auto-attendant is on, callers will hear your custom greeting with options to reach a specific line. If they press the number specified in the greeting, the call will be routed to the assigned phone number. You can set up Auto-attendant to each Ring4 number in your team or even external numbers.


To set Auto-Attendant:

1. Record your own Greeting Message in MP3 format in any recording device or online platform of your choice. Example: Hey, thanks for calling. For support, press 1. For sales, press 2.

2. Go to Phone settings on your console, select the number and turn on auto-attendant.

3. Upload your recorded message.

*Make sure your file is in mp3 format.

4. Under Menu Options, add the number you stated in your greeting and the desired destination. Click the Destination box to reveal all destination options. 

5. Click Save once done.