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Call quality troubleshooting guide

See below for troubleshooting tips or to get in touch with Ring4 support if nothing seems to be helping.

Sorry you are having trouble with call quality, let's see if we can troubleshoot this!


Let's first see if you can try out some of these helpful tips:


Why am I not receiving calls?

  • Is your phone connected to the internet?
  • Is your Ring4 phone number in Do No Disturb mode?
  • Is you phone number active and your plan paid for?


Why am I'm not receiving verification codes on Ring4?

  • Only active subscribers can receive verification texts
  • Some services can decide not to send a verification to a Ring4 number based on their own set of internal rules. Please contact the support team of the service sending the message if you do not receive the verification message as a Ring4 paid subscriber.


A quick test if you are not receiving text messages on my Ring4 number.

  • Try sending a text from your own cell number to your Ring4 number. Did it go through?


Why is my call showing up as failed?

  • Check your internet connection, a good signal will be required. 
  • Check if the number is entered correctly, try adding the international country prefix with the format +Country Code, e.g. +1 for US, +33 fo France, + 44 for UK


Still having issues?

Please submit a ticket here and we will look into this with you.