How do I add a Ring4 number

Want to add a second phone number or more?

The process is a little different if you have a Business account vs a Personal account so let's show both options:

Business Account

  1. Sign in to your Ring4 Console 
  2. Add users then add the phone number to the users 
  3. Repeat step 2 to add more users and phone numbers


Personal Account

  1. Sign in to your Ring4 app
  2. Go to My numbers and tap the Create New Number button for iOS or the plus button for android. You will be prompted to buy credits. You will need at least 10 credits to get a random area code (price of special area code varies).

3. Choose the Country and the Area code 

4. Subscribe to the unlimited plan

Note: You need to buy credits to add a number. Each number has a 7-day validity unless you subscribe to an unlimited plan.