How to save, edit, delete, and manage business/company contacts in the Ring4 address book.

Learn how to manage your company contacts.

Ring4 allows you to have both personal contacts associated with your device and company contacts that are a shared set of contacts for your business.

Adding Company Contacts

In order to add a new company contact you will need to login to your business console on the web app. You can then go to Company Contacts in the menu and click "New Contact" to add a new shared company contact. Your entire team will see any contacts added to Company Contacts.


Managing Personal & Company Contacts

Your personal contacts will only appear on your mobile device. You will see both Personal and Company Contacts on your Ring4 app. Only Company Contacts are shared with you and your team.


Editing & Deleting Contacts

In order to edit / delete contacts you can do this in a couple of ways. For personal contacts you have to go to Contacts on your mobile device and click into the contact record you would like to remove, then click "Edit" or "Delete".

You cannot delete Company Contacts on your mobile device. If you would like to remove a Company Contact you will need to login to the business console on the web app and go to Company Contacts in the menu. You can then click the three dots to be able to edit or delete this contact.