Do you offer unlimited subscription for French and UK numbers?

We will no longer offer unlimited subscriptions for FR and UK numbers, instead we will charge a per call/sms basis at a very minimum cost via our credit system. 

You can receive incoming calls and texts but not outgoing with your subscription. If you need outgoing calls and texts, we invite you to sign up for a new Ring4 personal account in the Ring4 app instead where we will continue to offer outgoing calling and SMS. 
Here’s the pricing plan exclusively for UK and FR numbers for personal accounts:

Base subscription at 9.99 / month and you will receive 100 credits each month at this price: 

  • 1 Call = 5 credits (20 outbound calls per month)
  • 1 SMS = 1 credit (100 outbound texts per month)

If you run out of credits before the month's end you can now purchase additional credits from the app at a bulk rate that scales with your needs.