What countries can I call and message with Ring4?

Ring4 supports international calling and messaging.

Do you travel globally often? Ring4 numbers are available in US, CA, UK, FR but can be used in any country and can receive calls and texts from any number worldwide!


Ring4 also lets you make outgoing calls to 40+ countries.


Note: Ring4 only allows you to send texts locally i.e. the country of the Ring4 number that you are using. You need to buy credits to make international calls.


To make successful outgoing international calls, the correct format is to dial the country code followed by the phone number. Don’t forget to add + for the country code!

e.g. for US:+1 xxx xxx xxxx, for UK: +44 xxxx xxxx, for Australia +61 xxx xxx xxx


Example of the number formatting in the dialer to call a UK number:


Safe travels! ✈️