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700,000 people across the world rely on Ring4 as their affordable 2nd phone line:



“Best phone service I have used so far and is also the cheapest. The app is very easy to use, no learning curve and the call quality is great. It avoids the need to carry a separate phone.”

Baptiste P


"Ring4 is Google Voice on steroids. If you know how to use email, you know how to use Ring4."

Zeke C.


“Gave my family a smooth way of communicating with me while I was abroad - not everyone uses Skype or LinkedIn even today but pretty much everyone used a telephone ;) After searching around, Ring4 was THE solution!”

Emmanuel L.


“This software has an easy set up, links all your existing contacts, and allows you to talk/text without having to pay your phone company a bunch of money! Not to mention, you can record the conversations which can be helpful!”

Rochae H.


Great Value for Your Bucks

“Easy to use and far better than most of other call-and-text apps out there. Very good value for your wallet.”

- GuillaumeB!


“After test driving several similar far Ring4 is the best. The plan is solid at 9.99 a month in the US - it's the best price point. Reception and voice quality are superb. Its just like having a second SIM except of course you don’t have a data plan.”

- viatorsud


“Easy to use and affordable second phone line app. I stopped paying for international call on my T-Mobile and use my Ring4 second phone line instead to call or receive call and text my family in my home country.”

- Harold Theiot


The best second phone number app out there. Reliable solution for a 2nd line supporting calls, texts, voicemail and pictures.”

- Alexandre B


“I recently began using the console and mobile app and found it to be perfect for me based in Asia with the majority of my friends in North America and the EU. It has what I need, clear calls, customized voicemail, call logs, notifications, Do Not Disturb function and my ability to add numbers quickly and efficiently.”

- angelium fb

Get your affordable 2nd phone line and  maintain your privacy.


Costly headaches are time consuming to set up and maintain

Landlines and dedicated phones are expensive and unnecessary.

  • Metered pricing
  • Customer support ignores you
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”Free” solutions aren’t actually free.

You’re basically crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t break.

  • Dropped calls reflect poorly on you
  • Calls sound like a “robot"
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Zero risk at all with a 7-day money back guarantee


"Free" solutions aren't reliable



“I like the fat that I was able to download the app and use it within minutes. I’m very happy with it.”

- Courtney King123


Clever and useful

“In amazing ways to gain additional phone numbers without paying for extra phone numbers from a traditional carrier.”

- BrianKann16

You can get set up with Ring4 in 30 seconds:


Choose your phone number from Ring4

Sign up with your email and choose a phone number. Start calling, texting, sending photos and video messages immediately.

  • Any area code
  • USA, Canada, France, United Kingdom
  • Local or Toll-Free

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, you can keep your Ring4 number or replace it with your current phone number. Moving a number takes 5-12 business days to complete.


Start calling and texting directly from your phones Contact List

  • Send pictures and videos
  • Secure video calls to ANY Device

Automatically record and transcribe every call you make

You can always refer back to a log of what a was said.

  • Unlimited cloud storage

Get back to running your small business more efficiently

  • Setup takes 30 seconds
  • Clear lines of communication between you and your customers, and still protecting your privacy

700,000 people across the world rely on Ring4 as their secure 2nd phone line:


All good

“The only application that received SMS activation without problems.”

- Dnimtri


Very useful!

“It’s great being able to have a second number associated with my personal phone. Makes managing work/personal life much easier.”

- pnukk


Love Ring4

“I tested the app with 3g and low bandwidth and calls are going through! Ring4 is the best 2nd phone line app, period.”

- AlexSFrisco


Just wow...!!

“My friend told me about Ring4 and I have to admit it’s the best app of it’s kind on the App Store. I now have a way to get international numbers!”

- Jackp319


A truly wonderful invention

“Privacy is sooo important these days. Not having this app is doing a disservice to yourself and your personal information.”

- Duderton911


Love it!!

“Love this app. Convenient when you are trying to sell furniture and don’t want to give out personal numbers. Recommend this app to all.”

- Kiankijan


Great app

“So useful for my private life, I can’t live without it!”

- Zemilk666


“The service is excellent and so is the variety of available phone numbers. In addition, its fees are on the lower end of this industry.”

Toufic Attie


“Good to stay away from spammers. Comparatively very cheap.”

- Tharun R

Switching to Ring4 is zero-risk:


“Signing up was so simple, I used the solution to move from Google Voice, it was a no brainer. As I moved from G Suite I needed a phone provider without breaking the bank.”

- Christopher B

  • Start making and receiving calls as soon as you login
  • We’ll port your number for free
  • Premium Support to help you get set up
  • No complicated setup
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Spin up a free video meeting

Simply generate a Ring4 meeting link and use it as your Zoom alternative. Unlimited and free forever.


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“The video conferencing system is innovative, allowing immediate entry to the room. It is not necessary to download any software to the computer. It is incredible how you can use this system very easily.

- Justin W