A Business Phone Service Directly on your Cell Phone - Too Good to be True?

All you need is your smartphone, and you can set up a mobile VoIP to start making and taking calls for your business.

There is no longer any reason to rely on traditional phone networks for business communication now that we live in an age where we are always connected to the internet from any smart device. What if I told you that in your pocket you have everything you need to set up your virtual business phone number? 

Now imagine you can set up this business phone service for less than $10 a month, per line. Not only is this possible, but you can do it in under a minute! All you need is your smartphone, and you can set up a mobile VoIP to start making and taking calls for your business. 

What is a VoIP application, and how does it work?

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app is a software application that can be installed on your smartphone, that allows you to make your business phone calls over the internet. Gone are the days of needing a pager and/or a second cell phone to manage your business calls.

The technology of Ring4 provides you with a cost-effective means of setting up your business phone service without complicated hardware and a physical office. You can run your business virtually - anywhere with WiFi and set up as many or as few additional lines as you would like.

Ring4 also comes with several premium features built into the platform providing businesses with better phone service at a significantly lower cost than traditional phone systems. You’re already using your smartphone everyday. Now, you can turn your personal cell phone into a money-making device that connects you with your customers and team members effortlessly.

Does Ring4 impact my personal cell phone service?

Nope! You can use the business phone app without affecting your current cell phone service plan. Because the calls to your business line will be coming in through VoIP, your customers and team members will be none the wiser that you’re taking and making calls on your personal smartphone.

They won’t even see your personal phone number. The number that will display on their caller ID will be the one you choose when you set up your business phone service.


VoIP provides a superior method of communication.

In addition to being more affordable and limitless, calls made over the internet sound clearer than calls made over a traditional phone, allowing you to hear and understand what your customers are saying more clearly.

When compared to traditional telephones, VoIP provides significant advantages.

Just a few of the reasons entrepreneurs and managers of small to medium companies are opting for Ring4 business phone service include:

  • The ability to take and make calls from anywhere
  • You don’t need a second physical phone to set up your business phone service
  • The app is easy to install, and setup is a breeze
  • You can set up as many business lines as you need with no hidden fees - just pay one monthly fee per line
  • Recording and transcription of all calls available for a nominal cost
  • Voicemail and video conferencing is included
  • The app allows you to send and receive text messages as well - perfect for those occasions you need to answer a question quickly, but don’t have time to make or take a phone call
  • Your personal phone number won’t be impacted by your new business phone service number
  • You can set up a phone number with a US, FR, CA, or UK designation

Are you ready to step into the future of business phone service? Take your business calls to the next level with Ring4. Sign up for an account today.


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