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A Business Phone System is Already in your Pocket

Find out how, with a VoIP application like Ring4, you can set up your business phone service without getting a second phone.

For small business owners just starting out, they know that the expenses of launching a business can quickly add up. They will often find themselves looking for cost cutting measures to get their business going, but want to ensure they don’t compromise on quality or the things that clients will expect of them.

Case in point - a reliable phone number to connect a client to the business. This is one area few business owners will want to skimp on. The good news is, just because you don’t want to skimp on quality doesn’t mean you have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a business phone service. In fact, you already have the tools you need to create a business line. It’s the smartphone that is in your pocket!

Get A Second Line With No Additional Hardware

With a VoIP application like Ring4, you can set up your business phone service without getting a second phone. However, using your cell phone as your business phone isn’t exactly like it sounds. We don’t mean giving your cell number to clients and using it for your business. Instead, you will get a VoIP number, and use an app on your cell phone, making it your new business phone - you install it directly on the device you currently are using.

What is a VoIP App?

A Voice over Internet Protocol Application, or VoIP App for short, is software that can be installed on any smartphone or smart device that allows you to receive and make telephone calls. VoIP is already pretty popular among both small businesses and medium to large enterprises, as it offers a lot of great benefits and features.

Benefits of Using a VoIP Business Phone App

A VoIP solution is a fabulous alternative to the traditional business phone service most entrepreneurs are familiar with. Here are a few reasons to get a VoIP number with a business phone app in lieu of going the “traditional” route:


  1. Lower Costs: The goal of every business is to reduce costs and increase profitability. VOIP systems are significantly cheaper compared to the traditional landline phone systems. Businesses can expect their phone operating costs to be as much as half the price, if not lower when they opt for a VoIP business phone service instead of a landline.

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  2. No More Copper Wiring: While this might not seem like a benefit, it means less time waiting on wiring to be installed to get your phone system set up. And, since copper wire theft continues to be a problem even in 2021, you have one less thing to worry about someone trying to steal.

  3. Less Setup Time/Less Upgrade Time: Setting up a traditional business phone service is not exactly a fast task to carry out. But downloading a business phone app takes mere moments, and you can be calling someone from your brand new business number with Ring4 in as little as 30 seconds. And, any updates to the software will be as easy as pushing a button. Upgrading traditional business lines can take significantly longer!

  4. Enjoy Remote Work Availability: Traditional business phone service options will keep you tied to your desk. A VoIP phone app on the other hand gives you the ability to work remotely while also enjoying call waiting, video conferencing, SMS messaging, and more.

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  5. Effortless Scalability: As your team grows, it’s easy to add additional business lines to your Ring4 account. You can get mobile phone numbers for all of your team members. If anyone leaves the company, it’s just as easy to delete the number too.

Set Up Ring4 For Your Team Today

If you need a business phone service, you need Ring4. You and your team members are already carrying cell phones. Now you can add your business lines on your devices with ease. Learn more about the Ring4 features and pricing.


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