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RingCentral Pricing & Plans: A Complete Guide

In this post, we’ll explore RingCentral’s pricing and plans, and the benefits and limitations of each, to help you decide if it is right for you.

RingCentral is a VoIP system that simplifies business connection. It provides an all in one VoIP service that integrates messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls altogether. People in big organizations who would like to collaborate can rely on the tool for efficient communication. However, just because it can do all of these things doesn’t mean it’s the best VoIP option for your business. To help you decide if RingCentral is right for you, we’ll explore their pricing and plans, and the benefits and limitations of each.

RingCentral Plans and Pricing

RingCentral VoIP pricing plans begin at $14.99 (after 25% discount) per month when paying annually. The company offers four plans in total.

  • Essentials starting at $14.99 per user, per month
  • Standard  starting at $20.99 per user, per month
  • Premium starting at $26.24 per user, per month, and
  • Ultimate starting at $37.49 per user, per month

From a pricing standpoint alone, RingCentral is not cheap. So the question is, what do you get for these prices? Let’s break down the RingCentral pricing a little further.


Under the Essentials plan, users get access to features such as toll-free or business numbers, unlimited calls anywhere in the United States or Canada, SMS messaging, voicemail to text, document sharing, and team messaging. The drawbacks to the Essentials plan are that you don’t get access to all of the features, and communication is limited to just 20 users. With this RingCentral pricing plan you also don’t have access to video communication or 24/7 support.



With the Standard plan, video is unlocked, but you can only have a maximum of 100 participants. You also receive the same features as Essentials along with unlimited internet fax and audio conferences, no limit to the number of users, and a meeting can last up to a full 24 hours. Additionally, the Standard plan offers “quality of service reports,” and integrations with popular software such as Slack and Microsoft 365/Google Workspace.

While you do gain a lot of features with this plan including 24/7 customer support, we can’t help but feel the fee is quite high. Still, it’s not the priciest RingCentral pricing plan.


Premium and Ultimate

Premium allows you to enjoy all the available features under the Standard and the Essentials plans as well as the addition of automatic call recording, single sign-on, hot desking, and real-time analytics. The plan will accommodate most, if not all of your communication needs, and you’ll pay handsomely for it. Premium also allows up to 200 video meeting participants, and additional integrations with CRM software like Zendesk and Salesforce.

Additional features that are unlocked with this plan include:

  • Advanced call handling with the ability to whisper, monitor calls, barge in, and even take over the call - great for customer service calls
  • Access to the developer platform to create custom integrations with software not already included in the list of integrations

The only difference between the Premium and Ultimate RingCentral pricing plan is that it offers device status alerts and reports and unlimited storage. Other than these three features, and the higher fee, the two plans are virtually the same.


RingCentral Pricing - Is it Worth It?

If you’re looking for a solution that offers HD voice and video calling, and seamless VoIP communication - RingCentral can provide what you need. Again though, you will pay a significant amount of money for the keys to the proverbial virtual kingdom.

Will it be reliable? Reviews indicate yes.

Can you make phone calls, video calls, and send SMS messages? Also, yes.

What is it missing then?

For starters, not all plans include all features. This can certainly be problematic if your team needs access to integrations that are not supported and you will need to upgrade to at least the Standard plan if video is critical for your communication. While it is a useful system that can simplify communication, we don’t feel it’s worth the high fees you will pay when other VoIP systems offer similar features for less money.

A RingCentral Alternative

Do the fees have you seeking an alternative? If so, it’s completely understandable as even the lowest priced tier can add up quickly and prevent you from scaling beyond 20 users before you have to pay more. With that said, we feel that Ring4 is a viable alternative to deliver what you need without the overpriced subscription costs.

The plans start at just $8 per user, per month when you pay annually, and only go up to $9.99 per user, per month if you choose to play month-to-month. For this low fee all users enjoy:

  • Unlimited calls and texts nationwide
  • A mobile phone number for each team member
  • No limits on the number of team members you can have - and no pesky upcharges for adding more members
  • In app transcripts, call recording, and voicemail
  • Video conferencing, and more

While Ring4 does charge additional fees for international calls, shared call recordings and shared call transcripts, all of our fees are publicly available. We believe in transparency and affordability - something we can’t say about RingCentral.

The best part is we offer a 7-day free trial so you can test out all of our features before you commit. See for yourself why business owners are ditching RingCentral and coming over to Ring4. Click here to get started for free now!

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