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4 Different Types of Business Communication

There are many ways to communicate in business - horizontal, vertical, internal, external, upward, & downward. Understand each one of them in detail here.

Business communication can be a complex process. It involves various methods and platforms to relay information between employees, customers, and other businesses. There are many ways to communicate with others inside your organization, and each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Ring4 allows you to leverage these different methods of communication within one platform. The following post will explain the different ways to communicate on Ring4, including horizontal, vertical, internal, external, upward, and downward. Understanding these methods of communication can help your organization become more efficient and quickly resolve issues before they escalate.

Types of Business Communication

There are several forms of communication you can leverage within your organization. Each method has its own purpose and can communicate different information. Each type has its own function and role in an effective business as well, specifically when it comes to resolving issues or completing tasks efficiently. 



Horizontal Communication


One form of communication that organizations use is known as horizontal communication. Horizontal communication can be defined as "the passing of information between employees at the same level in an organizational hierarchy,” which means that each person has equivalent status to one another.

Horizontal communication is effective because it allows employees to work together toward a common goal. If your company is trying to achieve certain goals or complete tasks that require teamwork, you’ll find this type of communication to be incredibly helpful. Ring4 allows for easily accessible horizontal communication with our integrated chat function.


Vertical Communication

Another form of communication is vertical communication, where information is passed from superiors to subordinates or vice versa. This type of communication can be effective because it allows individuals to learn from those with more experience in a subject matter. It also allows those lower on the hierarchy to communicate feedback or concerns to those higher up.

Ring4 allows for vertical communication with their messaging function, making it easy for users to communicate with others inside the system. This can help businesses communicate more effectively between teams who need to collaborate on projects or tasks. There are two main types of vertical communication which include upwards and downwards.

Upward Communication


Upward communication is a form of vertical communication that occurs when information or feedback is passed from subordinates to superiors. This allows those higher up the work hierarchy to know what their employees are thinking and feeling and gain valuable knowledge about issues within the organization. Ring4's messaging function allows effortless upward communication with coworkers, supervisors, and executives.


Downward Communication


Downward communication is the opposite of upward communication and occurs when information or feedback is passed from superiors to subordinates. This allows those higher up to communicate important company updates, changes, or issues to their employees. With Ring 4, downward communication is simple between users who need an efficient way to communicate within the organization.


Internal Communication


Another type of business communication is internal communication, which allows employees who work for the same company or organization to reach one another. Internal communication can be defined as "communication between employees who work for the same firm.”

Ring4's customizable chat feature allows users to create their own chat thread and easily communicate with those who work for the same company. This will enable businesses to communicate more effectively with their employees and quickly resolve any issues or questions throughout the day. Internal communication is also excellent for project management and task management making it a good alternative to and other dedicated tools. Ring4's chat box allows for effective internal communication, which means less time spent on email and more time working together toward a common goal.


External Communication


External communication occurs when a company communicates with people outside of its organization. External communication can be defined as "communication between employees and external parties like customers and suppliers.”

Companies also use external business communication to communicate with vendors, clients, etc. This type of business communication is to share information with these external parties or to make business proposals. Ring4's VoIP feature allows straightforward external communication. Ring4 also makes it easy to combine multiple lines of communication like chat and VoIP to ensure that external communication is efficient and effective. This provides an easy way for customers to ask questions or provide feedback without waiting on hold for extended periods.

Easy Business Communication With Ring4

Bottom line - Ring4 makes it easy for companies to communicate more effectively within their organization and with those outside of the organization. Our easy-to-use platform allows your business to quickly and efficiently communicate with employees, clients, vendors, suppliers, and basically anyone you could possibly want to get in touch with regardless of whether or not they are at their desk.

Since Ring4 works within the user’s smartphone, employees and contractors have instant access to Ring4’s integrated chat and VoIP features anywhere with an internet connection. Our software makes it easy for businesses to work together and share information in a more streamlined way.

The best part is Ring4 offers superior quality phone service at an affordable price. Saving you money on monthly phone bills and time that would otherwise be spent using outdated technology. Easy communication is just a click away with Ring4! Sign up today!

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