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10 Robust Performance Management Tools You Need in 2022

In this post, we cover the top performance management tools that can boost your organization's development, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

The HR department and management of an organization executes various functions such as recruitment, providing training, managing tasks, and evaluating employees' performances.

Evaluating employees' tasks and giving feedback on them is probably the most challenging task. The performance of employees cannot be measured in numbers like the production capacity is measured. The performance consists of both the employees’ production and their work quality.

A performance management system requires effective communication between employees and supervisors/employers. The digital world solutionized the task by implementing technological elements in the performance management system that helps in business communications and peer communications

Robust Performance Management Systems To Consider

PMS is the modern world tool enabling numerous features for the ease of different PMS activities. Performance evaluation with data insights, 360 feedback, goal settings, reminders, and data reports are the most popular elements. However, the features may vary from one software to another.


Some helpful software with essential features are described below to consider:

1. PeopleHR 


PeopleHR is a simple-to-use PMS software enhancing workforce productivity. The online software enables numerous features regarding goal positioning, performance monitoring, and review process automation. Some popular features of the software are:

  • Various pre-made templates improve the efficiency of the review process.
  • Workers can enter and monitor the company's goals as well as their standards.
  • One can view his colleagues’ achievements and give feedback through 360 feedback.
  • Authorized persons can track the status of reviews and monitor goals through the system.
  • Email reminders are sent to users whenever any changes occur in their dashboard. So they can have a real-time update of changes.

2. Zenefits


Zenefits is web-based software to enhance the performance management functions of organizations. Its system helps upgrade goal monitoring, the review cycle, and monitoring tasks. Some essential elements of its system are stated here:

  • Goals can be built, set, updated, and monitored via the software. And in addition, it can be explicitly set for an individual, department, or team.
  • Pre-built templates for providing quick reviews and customizable forms that can be kept for future use.
  • One-on-one meetings help managers to schedule appointments and engage more efficiently. And personal notes can be written down to save essential ideas and thoughts.
  • Zenefits’s system can be operated anywhere through its mobile app so that the review process completion can remove the time consumption barrier.

3. Lattice 


Lattice is a PMS tool assisting managers in enhancing productivity and running review activities. The software offers various features for performance review and goals management. Essential components of its system are described below to consider:

  • Employees can add requests for feedback; managers can get notified of the proposals. In addition, they can monitor performances in real-time.
  • A constant feedback process can be established and managed with Lattice.
  • The workforce can update their ongoing tasks and add their moods through the system. In addition, authorized persons can update questions and get notified whenever an employee adds details.
  • The peer feedback and direct reports to managers can be sent through the software, and different communication apps can be integrated, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email providers.

4. 15five 


15five is a digital solution to enhance the performance management of organizations. The software can help view the 360 performance of the workforce. The system includes different features for every activity and increases productivity. Several components of the software are mentioned below:

  • The software can be tailored as per the requirements so that managers get enough flexibility in creating a performance program.
  • Dashboards give details of the worker’s performance insights so management can make crucial decisions.
  • Goals can be set individually or in bulk, and performances can be tracked.
  • Managers can monitor and track the review process status with dashboards.
  • The system supports multiple review times, including annual, quarterly, mid-year, or anniversary reviews.

5. factoHR 


factoHR is a web-based solution for handling performance management activities of different companies. The software includes various features for activities such as goals management, review cycle, and feedback process. Popular features of its system are described below:

  • Informative dashboards enable a complete view of the workforce’s performance analysis for managers to track improvements in real-time.
  • Workers can set OKRs in the system, and authorized persons can give reviews & ratings once it finishes.
  • Employees can provide their reactions to management's decisions regarding the goals in the review cycle, and managers can reform it.
  • A performance-linked payroll can be generated through the system so that the workforce gets accurate salaries against their achievements.
  • Managers can perform different functions anywhere at any time through factoHR’s mobile application.

6. Eloomi


Eloomi is an easy-to-use performance management system enabling various features for managers to ease the process. Performance appraisals, 360 feedback, and reports play a vital role in the system. Some crucial elements of the system are noted here to consider:

  • Peers can provide anonymous feedback on their colleagues’ task completion.
  • Managers can track the review cycle and progress via the system.
  • Operational routines can be streamlined with checklists. It reduces the time spent taking follow-ups.
  • Reports help managers in making important decisions. They can find areas of improvement and weaknesses of employees.
  • In addition, managers can create customizable reports based on demographics, roles, and skills.

7. Paycom


Paycom is an internet-based software assisting organizations in their performance management functions. Its system streamlines various activities such as goal setting & tracking, performance analysis, and running feedback & review process. Some popular features of the software are mentioned below to consider:

  • It enables a 360 feedback feature that helps employees view their tasks and achievements. It also reflects the managerial decision effect in front of the management by collecting feedback from the workforce.
  • Reporting, dashboards, and performance metrics assist in getting accurate data for performance analysis.
  • Authorized persons can add and monitor goals through the software.

8. syncHR


syncHR is a digital solution for handling PMS activities and increasing employees' productivity. The system enables features for different functions such as goal managing, performance analysis, and feedback-review activities. Essential components of the system are as mentioned here:

  • Managers can add 360 feedback for individuals or teams. And the software also helps in establishing a continuous feedback process.
  • Authorized persons can track goals and add development plans to the system. And OKRs can be easily assigned to employees.
  • Real-time insights into goals alignment and workforce progress can be gained with the system.
  • Authorized persons/supervisors can set benchmarks for defining performance expectations from employees. It simplifies the performance evaluation and leads the compensation adjustment process to a more equitable one.

9. Talentguard


Talentguard is cloud-based software enhancing the staff’s performance. Its system assists an organization in numerous functions like performance analysis, appraisals, and building goals. In addition, the software offers various features to upgrade work efficiency and for better productivity of workers. Notable elements of the software are stated below:

  • Accurate evaluations allow managers to identify skills gaps and recommend necessary training for employee development. In addition, they can track the team’s progress through the dashboard.
  • Performance metrics help the company in rewarding and retaining employees.
  • The development goals page is equipped with development options, learning skills, and coaching tips.
  • Managers can evaluate employees based on their job roles and identify areas for improvement.

10. Lightwork


Lightwork is a cloud-based software handling performance management activities of organizations and boosting employees’ productivity. Its system assists with various functions such as the feedback & review process, goals management, and performance analysis. Considerable elements of the system are stated below:

  • Lightwork enables peer review so that the peers can give thoughts on their colleagues’ work and achievements.
  • Its system uses a 9-box grid method for performance reviews to get more accurate results.
  • The manager can define performance appraisals workflow and customize it as per the need.
  • An organization can integrate HRMS or HRIS systems and payroll software with Lightwork for better efficiency of tasks and involvement of performance management in salary calculations.


PMS tools can boost the organization's development and grow productivity and creativity. A business often depends on its employees, so outputs from their side influence the business growth by a more significant amount. We discussed different PMS tools and their features. They can be considered while automating the process.


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